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Cool In Las Vegas
Are you a real life treasure hunter? If so… we have a really COOL spot to tell you about tonight. Nevada Coin has all sorts of booty you would expect to see on Blackbeard’s pirate ship. More »
If you’re looking for somewhere cool to take the family as we head towards summer, let us tell you what's new at the Las Vegas Zoo. More »
We’ve got a look at the newly decorated Bellagio Conservatory spring display. More »
V Theater and Saxe Theater are two unique venues at the Miracle Mile Shops inside of Planet Hollywood. More »
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  • Working Girls Design

    Two fabulous local gals have launched a new...

    Two fabulous local gals have launched a new product line called “Working Girls”. These “Working Girls” are all about being smart and sassy, fun and classy.

    You can find their fun drawings and tag lines on anything from wine glasses to bev naps to key chains… and are available at local stores around the Valley.

    We spent the day with the creators to learn more about this labor of love….

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  • Rumor – The Las Vegas Boutique Resort

    Whatever you’re looking for, a friendly...

    A little birdie told me that Las Vegas has a brand new chic boutique resort not far from the strip. This hotel is an entirely new experience for Las Vegas locals or their guests. Whatever you’re looking for, a friendly environment with a personal touch, a hot location, or a cool pool…RUMOR has it.

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  • Star Murals

    Rip Read, The Startist, can create a 5-D universe...

    Have you ever wanted to just get away and have a peaceful night’s sleep under the stars? Well, now you can. Rip Read, The Startist, can create a 5-D universe of stars, galaxies and more in the comfort of your own home. They are invisible by day and glow all night long..and we think they are out of this world!

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  • Jabbawockeez

    The Jabbawockeez are a hip-hop dance crew...

    You may have seen them on America’s Got Talent or winning Season 1 of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. The Jabbawockeez are a hip-hop dance crew bringing their 90 minute show, MUS.I.C (Muse I See), to the Monte Carlo Theater 5 nights a week. They have also started workshops at UNLV to give dancers a look into their Jabbawockee world.

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  • The Sicilian Ristorante

    Plan on sitting and enjoying your food for a...

    The Sicilian Ristorante on Tropicana was open from 1988 to 1994, and now, they’re back and the food is better than ever! Plan on sitting and enjoying your food for a while because as their motto says, “Dining Sicilian style is almost like making love….you really must take the time to enjoy it.”

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Toys 4 Smiles

Friday, Mar 4, 2011

There’s a small group of folks making a BIG impact in the Las Vegas community… one smile at a time.  The volunteers of Toys for Smiles spend their days making toy cars and trucks out of donated scrap wood to distribute to kids in need all across the valley.  And with a brand new wood shop, Toys for Smiles…which very much resembles Santa’s workshop…has big plans for the future…